Editing Movies
The desired portion of a recorded movie can be saved as a separate file.
BNotes About Movie Editing
When editing movies, use a sufficiently charged battery to prevent the camera from turning
off during editing. If the battery level is low (b), you cannot edit movies.
CMovies with Highlight Tags
If the movie has highlight tags and you select the K (movie edit) menu, the movie edit
selection screen is displayed. When Create movie digest is selected, the 2.5 seconds
before and after each tag are extracted and saved together as a separate highlight movie
with sound.
CEntering the Movie Edit Mode
When you pause the movie during playback, the K (edit)
icon is displayed. You can also edit the movie by selecting
this icon and pressing the k button (A47).
Editing Movies
Enter playback mode M select the movie you want to edit M k button M g
(movie edit)
U (tag)
Displayed at the top left of the screen when tags are set as the
method for selecting the start and end point in M (move trim
Movie playback time
Displayed at the top of the screen, this shows the movie length
and status while the movie is being edited.
If tags have been added to the movie, a mark (vertical line) is
displayed at each tagged point.
The portion between the editing start point and end point is
shown in yellow.
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