Operations During Movie Playback
To enter playback mode and display the playback
screen (A5), press I (a (playback)) while the
shooting screen (A4) is displayed, or select a
(playback) on the W (HOME) screen and press the k
When you press the k button on the playback screen,
the playback menu is displayed.
To play back a movie, select h (movie playback) on
the playback menu screen and press the k button.
While playing back movies, the operations described
below can be performed by using HI to select a
control and then pressing the k button.
Operations During Movie Playback
Movie playback time bar
Shows the movie playback progress. If tags have been
added to the movie, a mark (vertical line) is displayed at
each tagged point.
A (stop) Exit the movie that is playing.
B (skip to previous tag) Go back to the previous tag.
C (rewind)
Rewind the movie. The rewind speed is changed to 2×, 4×,
and 8× each time the k button is pressed. The speed
returns to normal after 8×.
D (pause)
Pause movie playback. When the movie is paused, the icons
displayed on the bottom of the screen change, enabling you
to rewind or advance frame by frame, edit the movie, or save
the displayed frame as a still image (A47).
Playback screen
Playback menu
Screen during playback
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