Selecting the Movie Mode
F Time-lapse Movie
In this mode, still images are captured at a certain interval to record a fast motion
movie that shows the changes in a subject that happen slowly over time.
When NTSC is selected for NTSC/PAL in Movie in the c (setup) menu, 300 frames
are captured. When PAL is selected, 250 frames are captured.
* Suited for capturing star trails.
Recording in F Time-lapse Movie Mode
1Use HI to select the desired option,
and press the k button.
2Use HI to specify whether or not to
lock the exposure (brightness), and
press the k button (except when
Night sky is selected).
When AE-L on is selected, the auto exposure (AE)
setting is locked when the first frame is captured,
and the remaining frames are captured using the
same setting. AE-L off is recommended in
situations such as at dusk, where the lighting is expected to change dramatically
while recording.
Option Shooting
Time required for shooting
2 s 2 seconds 10 minutes 8 minutes 20 seconds
5 s (default setting) 5 seconds 25 minutes 20 minutes 50 seconds
10 s 10 seconds 50 minutes 41 minutes 40 seconds
30 s 30 seconds 2 hours 30 minutes 2 hours 5 minutes
Night sky * 30 seconds 2 hours 30 minutes 2 hours 5 minutes
Enter shooting mode M k button M c (setup) icon M k button M Movie M
k button M Movie mode M k button M Time-lapse movie M k button
5 s
10 s
2 s
30 s
AE-L on
AE-L o
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