Selecting the Movie Mode
E Loop Recording
After recording a movie for a specified time, the camera continues recording the
movie while deleting the recorded movie data from the beginning. The most recent
data is saved on the memory card, resulting in a movie of the specified length.
Although five separate movie files are recorded, they are played back as a single
movie on the camera.
The length of one file varies depending on the specified time.
If the recording time exceeds the specified time and reaches the length of one file,
the camera continues recording while deleting the first file.
If the length of the last file does not reach the length of one file, it is saved as-is.
Example: If you recorded for 5 min and 30 s with a specified time of 5 min
Five 1-min files and one 30-s file are saved (up to six files).
Recording in E Loop Recording Mode
1Use HI to select the length of the
movie to record.
You can select 5 min (default setting), 10 min, 30
min, or 60 min for the length of the movie to
If 2160/30p, 2160/25p, HS 1080/4×, or HS 720/
is selected for Movie options, 60 min cannot
be selected.
2Press the movie button to start
The camera starts loop recording.
3Press the movie button to end recording.
Specified time Length of one file
5 min 1 min
10 min 2 min
30 min 6 min
60 min 12 min
Enter shooting mode M k button M c (setup) icon M k button M Movie M
k button M Movie mode M k button M Loop recording M k button
30 min
60 min
5 min
10 min
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