Selecting the Movie Mode
D Superlapse Movie
In this mode, a fast motion movie (1080/30p or 1080/25p) is recorded. This is suited
for speeding up the motion of a subject that is recorded while the camera is moving.
Recording in D Superlapse Movie Mode
1Use HI to select the recording speed
of the fast motion movie.
Select , , (default setting), 10×, or 15×.
When (default setting) is set, a movie that is
recorded for six minutes is played back as a
superlapse movie that is one minute long.
2Press the movie button to start
The camera starts recording a superlapse movie.
3Press the movie button to end recording.
BNotes About Superlapse Movie Mode
You cannot add highlight tags.
COperations Available When Recording in Superlapse Movie Mode
You can capture still images (A34).
Enter shooting mode M k button M c (setup) icon M k button M Movie M
k button M Movie mode M k button M Superlapse movie M k button
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