Selecting the Movie Mode
The movie modes described below are available when recording movies.
D Standard movie (A37)
In this mode, a normal movie is recorded using the settings configured in the c
(setup) menu (A59).
D Add slow motion (A38)
In this mode, you can switch to slow motion recording (high frame rate recording)
while recording a movie, using the w button on the remote control. The portions
of the movie that are recorded in slow motion are played back at a slower speed,
adding a dramatic effect.
C Movie + photo (A40)
In this mode, still images are captured at specified intervals while recording a
D Superlapse movie (A41)
In this mode, a fast motion movie (1080/30p or 1080/25p) is recorded. This is
suited for speeding up the motion of a subject that is recorded while the camera is
E Loop recording (A42)
After recording a movie for a specified time, the camera continues recording the
movie while deleting the recorded movie data from the beginning. The most
recent data is saved on the memory card, resulting in a movie of the specified
length. Although five separate movie files are recorded, they are played back as a
single movie on the camera.
F Time-lapse movie (A44)
In this mode, still images are captured at a certain interval to record a fast motion
movie that shows the changes in a subject that happen slowly over time.
BNotes About Movie Mode
There are some modes that cannot be used together with other settings (A51).
Selecting the Movie Mode
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