Operations During Movie Recording
Capturing Still Images During Movie Recording
When recording a movie, you can save one frame
as a still image by pressing the photo button on
the remote control while the icon for still image
shooting is displayed. Movie recording continues
while the still image is being saved.
The size of captured still images is 2 megapixels
(1920 × 1080).
BNotes About Capturing Still Images During Movie Recording
Still images can be captured when using the movie modes indicated below.
-Standard movie or Loop recording (when Movie options is set to 1080/30p or
1080/60p, or 1080/25p or 1080/50p)
- Superlapse movie
Still images cannot be saved during movie recording when the remaining movie
recording time is less than five seconds.
The frames of a movie that were recorded when a still image was being captured may not
play back smoothly.
Adding Tags During Movie Recording (Highlight Tags)
You can add tags while recording a movie by pressing the w button on the remote
control (default setting). You can use the tags as a guide to quickly find a particular
scene when playing back the movie (A46), or you can easily create a highlight
movie based around the tags. The tags can also be used as a guide when editing the
movie in the camera (A48).
BNotes About Using the w Button
Make sure that Insert highlight tag is selected for the Remote Fn button (A76) setting
in Camera settings in the c (setup) menu.
BNotes About Restrictions for Adding Tags During Recording
Tags cannot be added when recording a superlapse movie or time-lapse movie.
A maximum total of 30 tags can be added to each movie recording.
CUsing the Camera Buttons During Movie Recording
You can configure settings that enable the camera buttons to capture still images or add
tags during movie recording (A75).
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