Operations During Movie Recording
BNotes About Recorded Movies
The following phenomena may be seen in the monitor while recording movies. These
phenomena are saved in the recorded movies.
- Banding may occur in images under fluorescent, mercury-vapor, or sodium-vapor lighting.
- Subjects that move quickly from one side of the frame to the other, such as a moving
train or car, may appear skewed.
- The entire movie image may be skewed when the camera is panned.
- Lighting or other bright areas may leave residual images when the camera is moved.
Depending on the distance to the subject, colored stripes may appear on subjects with
repeating patterns (fabrics, lattice windows, etc.) during movie recording and playback.
This occurs when the pattern in the subject and the layout of the image sensor interfere
with each other; it is not a malfunction.
BNotes About Vibration Reduction During Movie Recording
When Electronic VR (A66) in Movie is set to On, the angle of view (i.e., the area visible in
the frame) becomes narrower during movie recording.
BNotes About Operating the Camera Buttons
If the camera buttons are pressed while recording a movie, the sound of the button
operation may be recorded.
CMovie Frame
The area that is captured in a movie varies depending on the Movie options settings in
Movie in the c (setup) menu.
If Photo info in Monitor settings (A72) in Camera settings in the c (setup) menu is
set to Movie frame+auto info, you can confirm the area that will be captured in a movie
before you start recording.
CMovies Over 4 GB in Size
When a movie with a file size of more than 4 GB is recorded, the movie is divided into files
with a maximum size of 4 GB each.
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