Using the Camera
Status Lamps
The status lamps indicate the status of the camera.
CFunctions of the Front and Back Status Lamps
The front and back status lamps indicate the same status.
You can adjust the brightness of the status lamps (A76).
Status Lamps
Status Color Description
Solid Green
The camera is connected to a TV via an HDMI cable.
The camera is recognized by the computer.
Still images are being captured.
Red A movie is being recorded.
The battery is charging. The lamps turn off when
charging is complete.
The camera is connected to a computer via a USB cable.
Pairing is complete.
A movie is being recorded in add slow motion mode.
The memory card is being accessed (data is being saved
or the memory card is being initialized).
The firmware is being updated.
Pairing failed.
and red
The camera is waiting to be paired (the lamps flash green
and red alternately).
Flashing quickly
Green The battery cannot be charged (error).
The temperature inside the camera is too hot. The camera
will turn off automatically. Wait until the camera
temperature has cooled before resuming use.
Lights up briefly Orange
The lamps light up in orange for a moment when a
highlight tag is added, or when the remote control is
turned on.
Status lamp
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