Using the Camera
Using Accessories
Using the Lens Protector or Underwater Lens Protector
Lens protector*
Protects the lens from impact from the front.
Underwater lens protector
Protects the lens when using the camera underwater, or in situations where debris
such as gravel may strike the lens.
* The lens protector is attached to the camera at the time of purchase.
BNotes About Using the Camera Underwater
When using the camera underwater, attach the underwater lens protector. If it is not
attached, the images you capture may be blurred.
Attaching the Lens Protector or Underwater Lens Protector
BNotes About Attaching the Underwater Lens Protector
Use a soft cloth or air duster to remove foreign substances such as water or dust from the
camera or underwater lens protector. If the camera or underwater lens protector is still wet
when the underwater lens protector is attached, this could cause condensation.
1Align the mark on the lens protector with the one on the
camera, and mount the lens protector on the camera.
Lens protector Underwater lens protector
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