Using the Camera
Using Accessories
Using the Wristband (Available Separately)
You can use the AA-13 Wristband for Remote Controls to attach the remote control to
your wrist.
CAttaching the Wristband to Your Wrist
The procedure below describes how to attach the wristband to your left wrist.
1Mount the remote
control on the
Make sure that the hook-and-
loop fastener is pressed
down firmly to secure the
remote control (2).
2Place the wristband on your wrist.
Thread the band through the buckle (1),
then fold it back on itself and press down
firmly to secure it (2).
BNotes About Wearing and Using the Wristband
To prevent the remote control from falling off or malfunctioning, make sure the wristband
is securely fastened.
Do not leave the wristband in water.
Status Lamp on the Remote Control
The status lamp indicates the same status as the status lamps on the camera.
Status Color Description
Solid Red
A movie is being recorded in Standard movie, Movie +
photo, or Time-lapse movie mode. A normal speed
movie is being recorded in Add slow motion mode.
Flashing Red A slow motion movie is being recorded in Add slow
motion mode.
Flashes three times
then lights up solid Red A movie is being recorded in Superlapse movie or
Loop recording mode.
Lights up briefly
then turns off Green A still image is captured.
A highlight tag is added.
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