Using the Camera
Using Accessories
Pairing the Camera and Remote Control
Before using the remote control for the first time, it must be paired with the camera.
(The remote control included with the camera has already been paired. The settings
described below are not necessary.)
* In this manual, “pairing” refers to the establishment of a Bluetooth connection between
the camera and remote control.
The camera can only be paired with one remote control at a time. When the
camera is paired to a different remote control, only the most recent pairing
information is saved.
1Enable pairing on the camera.
Enter shooting mode M k button M c (setup) icon M k button M Camera
settings M k button M Network menu M k button M Connection to remote M
k button
2Press and hold (for at least 3 seconds) the power button on the
remote control.
Pairing starts for the camera and remote control. While the process is being
performed, the status lamp on the remote control flashes.
When pairing is complete, the remote control icon
is displayed on the shooting screen.
If a pairing failure message is displayed, perform the
procedure again from step 1.
CStatus Lamps on the Camera
The status lamps flash green and red alternately while the camera is waiting to be paired.
When paring is successful, the lamps flash green two times.
When paring fails, the lamps flash red six times.
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