Using the Camera
Recording Movies and Shooting Still Images
1Press the movie button or photo
The camera turns on and the shooting screen is
To shoot a series of images, select Continuous in
the still images menu in the c (setup) menu.
2Press the movie button to record movies, and press the photo
button to shoot still images.
To stop recording a movie, press the movie button again. The recorded movies and
captured still images are saved on the memory card.
BNotes About Using the Camera Underwater
When using the camera underwater, attach the underwater lens protector (A28). If it is
not attached, the images you capture may be blurred.
Set Underwater in Shooting options in the c (setup) menu (A59) to On.
The angle of view (i.e., the area visible in the frame) becomes narrower when underwater.
Wireless communication is not available when the camera is underwater. Also, the remote
control cannot be used.
CTurning the Monitor On or Off
You can turn the monitor on or off by pressing the H (x monitor) button while the
shooting screen is displayed.
The monitor automatically turns off 30 seconds after you start recording a movie (default
setting). The H (x monitor) button cannot be used while recording a movie. You can
change the amount of time that elapses before the monitor turns off in LCD auto off in
Movie recording in Camera settings in the c (setup) menu.
CTurning Off the Camera
At the default setting, the camera turns off automatically when no operations are performed
for 30 seconds after shooting (A10).
CMovies Over 4 GB in Size
When a movie with a file size of more than 4 GB is recorded, the movie is divided into files
with a maximum size of 4 GB each.
Recording Movies and Shooting Still Images
Photo button
Movie button
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