Getting Started
Camera Setup
Setup from the Camera Menus
The camera clock can be set manually.
1Press the movie button or photo button to turn on the camera
A language selection dialog will be displayed. Press H or I on the back side of the
camera to highlight a language and press k to select.
The language can be changed at any time using the Language option in Camera
settings in the c (setup) menu (A59).
2When the dialog at right is displayed,
press H or I to select Later, and press
Press I and scroll down to view the screen at
Select Yes when prompted to set the camera
3Press H or I to choose a date format and press k.
4Enter the current date and time and
press k.
Press k to highlight items and press H or I to
When the item on the far right is highlighted, press
k to confirm the settings.
5When prompted, press H or I to highlight Yes and press k.
The camera exits to the shooting display when setup is complete.
CResetting the Clock
The Date and time option in Camera settings (A59) can be used to set the camera
set SnapBridge later
from the Network menu,
select Later.
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