Getting Started
Camera Setup
8Check the authentication
Confirm that the camera and
smart device display the same
authentication code.
Perform the following
operations on the camera and
smart device at the same time.
-On the camera, press I to scroll through the screen, select OK, and press the k
- On the smart device, tap Pairing (the name of the button varies with the smart
9Follow the on-screen instructions to
complete the pairing process.
Camera: If pairing is successful, the screen shown
on the right is displayed. Press I to scroll through
the screen, select Next, and press the k button.
Smart device: Follow the on-screen instructions.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup
To record location data with photographs, select Yes when prompted and enable
the location data features both in the SnapBridge 360/170 app and on the smart
device itself.
You can also synchronize the camera clock to the time reported by the smart device
by selecting Yes when prompted and enabling synchronization in the SnapBridge
360/170 app.
Setup is complete when the camera returns to the shooting display.
See page 15 for more information on using SnapBridge.
BWhere the Use of Wireless Devices Is Prohibited
Where the use of wireless devices is prohibited, disable wireless features in the camera
network menu by selecting On for Airplane mode. This will temporarily interrupt the
constant connection with the smart device, but the connection is automatically re-
established when airplane mode is turned off.
device and select OK.
Auth. code
Your camera and
smart device are
SnapBridge will send
your photos to your
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