Getting Started
Charging the Battery
BTurning the Camera On While Charging
If you press the movie button or photo button while charging with the Charging AC
Adapter, the camera turns on, enabling you to record movies, capture still images, play them
back, and operate the setting menus (some menus cannot be operated).
Turning the Camera On or Off
Turning the Camera On
Press the movie button or photo button to turn on
the camera. When the camera turns on, the shooting
screen is displayed.
You can check the battery level on the monitor (A4)
or on the SnapBridge 360/170 app screen.
Turning the Camera Off
You can turn off the camera by pressing and holding the movie button for at least
3 seconds while the camera is turned on.
You can also turn off the camera using the following procedure.
Enter shooting mode M k button M Use HI to select b (power off) M k
The camera turns off automatically when no operations are performed for 30
seconds after shooting (default setting). You can configure settings in Auto off in
Camera settings in the c (setup) menu (A59).
CSetting the Auto Off Function
If the camera is powered only by the battery and no operations are performed in the
situations described below, the camera turns off regardless of the auto off function setting.
- After the camera is turned on (before shooting starts): 1 minute
- After operations are performed in menus or in playback mode: 3 minutes
- When the camera is waiting to be paired with a smart device that supports NFC, after
Connect to device is selected in the network menu: 30 minutes
- When the camera is waiting to be paired with the remote control, after Connection to
remote is selected in the network menu: 3 minutes
- When an HDMI cable is connected (if there is no signal): 30 minutes
- When an USB cable is connected (if there is no data transmitted or received): 30 minutes
The auto off function is not activated in the following situations:
- When the EH-62F AC Adapter is connected
- When the camera is connected to a computer
BNotes About Turning Off the Camera During Remote Shooting
The camera buttons are disabled when using the SnapBridge 360/170 app to shoot
remotely. Before turning off the camera, stop using the remote shooting function. For more
information about remote shooting, see SnapBridge 360/170 app online help.
Photo button
Movie button
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