Technical Notes
The camera
becomes hot.
The camera may become hot when used for an extended
period of time to record movies or when used in a hot
environment. This is not a malfunction.
The battery
inserted in the
camera cannot be
Confirm all connections.
When connected to a computer, the camera may not
charge for any of the reasons described below.
-Off is selected for Charge by computer in Camera
settings in the c (setup) menu.
- Battery charging is not possible if the camera’s display
language and date and time have not been set, or the
date and time were reset after the camera’s clock
battery was exhausted. Use the Charging AC Adapter
to charge the battery.
- Battery charging may stop when the computer enters
sleep mode.
- Depending on the computer specifications, settings,
and status, battery charging may not be possible.
59, 77
The monitor is
hard to see.
The surrounding area is too bright.
- Move to a darker place.
Adjust the screen brightness. 72
O flashes on the
If the camera clock has not been set, O flashes on the
shooting screen, and images and movies saved before
the clock is set are dated “00/00/0000 00:00” and “01/01/
2016 00:00” respectively. Set the correct time and date for
Date and time in Camera settings in the c (setup)
The camera clock is not as accurate as ordinary watches
or clocks. Periodically compare the time of the camera
clock with that of a more accurate timepiece, and reset as
Date and time of
recording are not
Screen for setting
date and time is
displayed when
the camera is
turned on.
The clock battery is exhausted; all settings were restored to
their default values. Configure the camera settings again.
The internal clock battery is used to power the camera
clock and to retain certain settings. Charging time of the
clock battery takes about 10 hours when you insert the
batteries into the camera or connect the AC adapter
(available separately) to the camera, and the clock battery
operates for several days even after the camera battery is
The camera
settings reset.
Problem Cause/Solution A
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