Technical Notes
Error Messages
Image cannot be saved.
An error occurred while saving the image.
Insert a new memory card or format the memory
7, 75
The camera has run out of file numbers.
Insert a new memory card or format the memory
7, 75
There is not enough space to save the edited
image. Delete unnecessary images or insert a
new memory card.
7, 85
Cannot record movie.
A time-out error occurred while saving the movie
on the memory card.
Select a memory card with a faster write speed.
8, 33
Memory contains no
images. There are no images on the memory card.
This image cannot be
The image is protected.
Disable protection. 86
Wireless connection
The wireless connection is disconnected in the
following situations:
When the reception is poor
When the battery level is low
When a cable is connected or disconnected, or
a memory card is removed or inserted
Use a fully charged battery, disconnect the
cables, and establish the wireless connection
The battery is cold. Frame
size/rate set to 1080/30p.
The battery temperature is below 0°C (32°F). If
you want to continue recording movies with the
size/frame rate set to 2160/30p, 2160/25p, HS
1080/4×, or HS 720/8×, remove the battery
from the camera and hold it in your hands to heat
it up.
The battery is cold. Frame
size/rate set to 1080/25p.
System error
An error occurred in the camera’s internal
Turn the camera off, remove and reinsert the
battery, and turn the camera on. If the error
persists, contact your retailer or Nikon-authorized
service representative.
Update error The camera failed to update the firmware. Try
updating the firmware again.
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