Technical Notes
Error Messages
Refer to the table below if an error message is displayed.
Error Messages
Display Cause/Solution A
Battery temperature is
elevated. The camera will
turn off. The camera turns off automatically. Wait until the
camera or battery temperature has cooled before
resuming use.
The camera will turn off
to prevent overheating.
The battery is cold.
Ending recording.
The battery temperature dropped to below 0°C
(32°F) while recording movies with the size/
frame rate set to 2160/30p, 2160/25p, HS
1080/4×, or HS 720/8×. The camera stops
recording and automatically turns off. To
continue recording, change Movie options. If
you want to continue recording movies with the
size/frame rate set to 2160/30p, 2160/25p, HS
1080/4×, or HS 720/8×, remove the battery
from the camera and hold it in your hands to
heat it up.
Battery exhausted. Charge the battery.
This card cannot be used. An error occurred while accessing the memory
Use an approved memory card.
Check that the terminals are clean.
Confirm that the memory card is correctly
7, 8
This card cannot be read.
Card is not formatted.
Format card?
The memory card has not been formatted for use
in the camera.
Formatting deletes all data saved on the memory
card. If you need to keep copies of any images,
make sure to select No and save the copies to a
computer or other medium before formatting
the memory card. Select Yes and press the k
button to format the memory card.
Out of memory. Delete images or insert a new memory card. 7, 85
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