Technical Notes
Notes About Wireless Communication Functions
Restrictions on Wireless Devices
The wireless transceiver included in this product conforms to wireless regulations in
the country of sale and is not for use in other countries (products purchased in the EU
or EFTA can be used anywhere within the EU and EFTA). Nikon does not accept
liability for use in other countries. Users who are unsure as to the original country of
sale should consult with their local Nikon service center or Nikon-authorized service
representative. This restriction applies to wireless operation only and not to any other
use of the product.
Although one of the benefits of this product is that it allows others to freely connect
for the wireless exchange of data anywhere within its range, the following may occur
if security is not enabled:
Data theft: Malicious third-parties may intercept wireless transmissions to steal user
IDs, passwords, and other personal information.
Unauthorized access: Unauthorized users may gain access to the network and alter
data or perform other malicious actions. Note that due to the design of wireless
networks, specialized attacks may allow unauthorized access even when security is
enabled. Nikon is not responsible for data or information leaks that may occur
during data transfer.
Do not access networks that you are not permitted to use, even if they are
displayed on your smartphone or tablet. Doing so may be regarded as
unauthorized access. Only access networks that you are permitted to use.
Personal Information Management and Disclaimer
User information registered and configured on the product, including wireless LAN
connection settings and other personal information, is susceptible to alteration
and loss resulting from operational error, static electricity, accident, malfunction,
repair or other handling. Always keep separate copies of important information.
Nikon is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages or lost profits resulting
from alteration or loss of content that is not attributable to Nikon.
Before discarding this product or transferring it to another owner, perform Restore
default settings in Network menu in Camera settings in the c (setup) menu
(A59) to delete all user information registered and configured with the product,
including wireless LAN connection settings and other personal information.
Nikon is not responsible for any damages resulting from unauthorized use of this
product by third parties in the event that the product is stolen or lost.
Precautions when Exporting or Carrying This Product Abroad
This product is controlled by the United States Export Administration Regulations
(EAR). The permission of the United States government is not required for export to
countries other than the following, which as of this writing are subject to embargo or
special controls: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria (list subject to change).
Notes About Wireless Communication
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