The Shooting Menu
The Shooting Menu
Using the Shooting Menu
Rotate the mode dial to P or A (c6) to use the Shooting menu.
The Shooting menu contains the following options:
Option Description c
White balance Match white balance to your light source. 52
Metering Select a metering method from Matrix, Cen-
ter-weighted, Spot, and Spot AF area.88
Shooting method from seven options, such as
rSingle, sContinuous H, y5 shot
buffer, and wMulti-shot 16.
BSS Turn the Best Shot Selector (BSS) on or off. 92
Auto bracketing Allow continuous shooting with gradually
changing exposure or white balance. 93
Flash exp. comp. Set flash output. 94
Image adjustment Adjust contrast of pictures. 94
Image sharpening Control how much outlines in your pictures
are sharpened. 95
Saturation control Adjust vividness of the color of a picture. 96
Sensitivity Help exposure compensation and minimize
blur when lighting is poor and the flash is off. 50
Image quality Select image quality. 47
Image size Select an image size to fit display size or print
size. 47
AF area mode Select an area to be focused from Auto, Man-
ual and Center. 97
Auto-focus mode Select an Auto-focus mode between Single
AF and Continuous AF.100
Fixed aperture Maintain aperture when camera is zoomed in
or out. 100
Noise reduction Reduce mottling contained in a picture taken
at low shutter speed. 101
Reset Reset User setting. 102
User setting Store two sets of camera settings. 103
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