Viewing Movies
In Full-screen playback mode (c24), movies can be
played with sound. Movies are indicated by S icon and
can be viewed by pressing d. Playback controls are dis-
played at the top of the monitor; press multi selector
right or left to highlight a control, then press d to per-
form the selected operation.
Playback Volume
The zoom buttons control volume during playback (except playing a Time-lapse movie). Press
the j (W) button to decrease volume, the k (T) button to increase.
Deleting Movies
To delete a movie, press the A button. A confirmation dialog will be displayed; press multi
selector up or down to highlight an option, then press d.
Yes : delete the movie and return to playback mode
No : exit to playback mode without deleting the movie
Control Button Description
Rewind QWhile movie is in progress, use multi selector to
select Q, then press and hold d.
Advance UUse multi selector to select U, then press and hold
d. Playback ends at the last frame.
Pause RUse multi selector to select R, then press d to pause
Rewind movie by
one frame VWhen movie is paused, use multi selector to select
V, then press d.
Advance movie by
one frame WWhen movie is paused, use multi selector to select
W, then press d.
Resume zWhen movie is paused, use multi selector to select
z, then press d.
Stop SUse multi selector to select S, then press d to
return to playback mode.
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