S Recording Movies
Movies will be recorded with sound recorded via the camera’s built-in microphone.
To record a movie:
Notes on Movies
Depending on the make of memory card used, recording may end before the memory
card is full. If this happens, “OUT OF MEMORY” will be displayed, but the incomplete re-
cording is stored as a movie.
During recording, do not touch the built-in microphone.
In the Movie shooting mode, the following options will be fixed:
-Flash mode (c27) is BFlash Cancel when not recording Time-lapse movie.
- Self-timer (c30) is Off.
-White balance (c52) is eAuto.
-Metering (c88) is mMatrix.
While recording a movie, optical zoom is unavailable but digital zoom (up to ×2.0) is available.
To use optical zoom, set before recording. When recording starts, optical zoom position is fixed.
1Rotate the mode dial to S
2Turn the camera on
The monitor shows the available recording time.
3Start recording
Press the shutter-release button all the way down
to start recording.
Camera focuses on subject in the center of the
frame (c84).
During recording, y icon blinks and progress
will be shown by the indicator at the bottom of
the monitor.
Press d to pause recording. Press d again to
resume recording.
• To finish recording, press the shutter-release
button again.
Recording will end automatically when no more space
is available in the memory or on the memory card.
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