Picture Editing
Picture Editing
Available Picture Editing
The COOLPIX P1/P2 can edit a picture using the following editing functions and
store it as a separate file.
Edited copies are identified by identifiers corresponding to the editing function
and file numbers assigned automatically by the camera (c25).
Restrictions for Editing Pictures
The following restrictions apply when editing a picture the second time.
* Attempting the second editing displays the message “IMAGE CANNOT BE SAVED” (c155).
Other Restrictions on Editing Pictures
Pictures cannot be edited if Image size is set to j, or if recorded with xUltra HS or
zIntvl timer shooting.
Pictures cannot be trimmed if recorded with Panorama assist mode.
Notes on Picture Editing
The COOLPIX P1/P2 editing functions may not be available for pictures taken with non-
COOLPIX P1/P2 digital cameras.
If a copy created using the COOLPIX P1/P2 is viewed on a different digital camera, the pic-
ture may not be displayed or may not be transferred to a computer.
Copies created with editing functions are not deleted if the original pictures are deleted.
The original pictures are not deleted if copies created with editing functions are deleted.
Editing functions are not available when there is not enough free space in the memory or
on the memory card.
Edited copies are stored with the same recording date and time as the original.
function Description Purpose Identifier
Crop Crops part of a pic-
To enlarge a subject or retouch
the composition. RSCN
D-Lighting Adjusts the picture
tone automatically.
To brighten a picture which is
dark due to backlight or insuffi-
cient flash light volume.
Small Picture
Creates a small
copy of the picture.
To display pictures on web pages,
or send as e-mail attachment.
1st editing 2nd editing
Crop D-Lighting Small Picture
Crop Not available* Not available Not available
D-Lighting Available Not available Available
Small Picture Not available Not available Not available
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