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Printing via Direct USB Connection
Your camera allows pictures to be printed directly from the camera using Pict-
Bridge. If the UC-E6 USB cable is used to connect the camera to a printer that sup-
ports PictBridge, pictures can be printed directly from the memory or the memory
card without having to be transferred to a computer.
Choose PTP in the USB option
Set the USB option to PTP in the Interface menu of the
Set-up menu before connecting the camera to a printer
Connect the USB cable
After turning the camera off, connect the camera to the printer with the UC-E6
USB cable (provided with your camera) as shown below. Check to be sure the
connector is in the correct orientation and insert the plug straight. Do not
insert or disconnect it forcibly.
Before Printing
Before printing via a direct USB connection, make sure that the printer supports PictBridge.
Use a Reliable Power Source
When printing pictures via a direct USB connection, be sure the battery is fully charged. If in
doubt, recharge the battery before printing or use the optional EH-62C AC adapter kit.
PictBridge is an industry standard for direct printing that ensures compatibility when different
devices are connected.
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