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Print Set
If you display the Print set menu after creating a print order, the Date and Info options will
be reset.
Restrictions on Printing Pictures
Pictures that cannot be displayed in the monitor cannot be printed.
When Using Choose Date
Because pictures that are hidden (c113) and pictures with no date set (c16, 118) are not
grouped, the operations on the previous page cannot be performed. However, the opera-
tions on the previous page may be performed on pictures with no date set but shot with oth-
er cameras.
If Date is selected, the date of recording will appear on pictures printed using DPOF. The date
to be printed will remain unchanged even if Date in the Set-up menu is changed after shoot-
ing pictures. If a picture is taken without setting date, it will not be printed even if the y
icon is added to the date in the Print set menu.
Difference Between Date Imprint and Date
There are differences between Print set in the Playback menu and Date imprint (c122) in
the Set-up menu as follows:
Setting Date in the Print set option:
- A date set in Print set can be printed only with a printer that supports date-print con-
figuration for DPOF.
- You can set after taking pictures.
- A date is not imprinted on the images, but recorded in the DPOF setting files. When
printing, a date on the picture can be printed as if it is imprinted on the image. The po-
sition of the date depends on the printer.
Setting Date imprint:
- A date can be printed without any other setting because it is imprinted on the images.
- You need to make setting before taking pictures.
- A date is imprinted on the images and the position of the date is fixed at the bottom
right corner of the images.
- Once a date is imprinted, it cannot be deleted from the image.
When both Print set and Date imprint are set, only the date of Date imprint option will
be printed even if using a printer that supports DPOF.
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