Notice for customers in Europe
Hereby, Nikon, declares that this digital camera is in compliance with the essential require-
ments and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.
Symbol for separate collection applicable in European countries
This symbol indicates that this product is to be collected separately.
The following apply only to users in European countries.
This product is designated for separate collection at an appropriate collection
point. Do not dispose of as household waste.
For more information, contact the retailer or the local authorities in charge
of waste management.
Disposing of Data Storage Devices
Please note that deleting date, such as images and profile information, or formatting data
storage devices, such as memory card or built-in camera memory, does not completely erase
the original data. Deleted date can sometimes be recovered from discarded storage devices
using commercially available software, potentially resulting in the malicious use of personal
data. Ensuring the privacy of such data is the user’s responsibility.
Before discarding a data storage device or transferring ownership to another person, erase
all data using commercial deletion software, or format the device and then completely refill
it with images containing no private information (for example, pictures of empty sky). Be sure
to also replace any pictures selected for the welcome screen. Care should be taken to avoid
injury or damage to property when physically destroying data storage devices.
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