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Viewing Pictures on TV
The EG-CP14 audio/video (A/V) cable provided with your camera can be used to
connect the camera to a television or video-cassette recorder (VCR).
Choosing Video Mode
Video mode
in the
option of the camera Set-up menu offers a choice of
standards (
128). Be sure that the standard selected matches that used in the device.
1Turn the camera off
Turn the camera off before connecting or disconnecting the A/V cable.
2Connect the A/V cable to the camera
Open the interface connector cover and insert the
black plug of the A/V cable into the camera’s
audio/video (A/V) out connector.
Check to be sure the connector is in the cor-
rect orientation and insert the plug straight.
Do not insert or disconnect it forcibly.
3Connect the A/V cable to the televi-
sion or VCR
Insert the yellow plug of the A/V cable into the
video-in jack on your television or VCR and the
white plug into the audio-in jack.
4Tune the television to the video channel
For more information, see the manual for your television or VCR.
5Turn the camera on
Press the i button for at least one second to turn the camera on. The camera
monitor will turn off and the television will display the image normally shown in
the monitor.
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