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Adjusting the Hue: Using White Balance
The color of the light reflected from an object varies with the color of the light
source. The human brain is able to adapt to such changes in color, with the result
that we see white objects as white, regardless of whether they are in the shade,
direct sunlight, or under incandescent lighting. Digital camera can mimic this ad-
justment by processing information from the camera’s image sensor (CCD) ac-
cording to the color of the light source. This process is known as a “white balance
If White balance has been set to eAuto (default setting) and the results are
not to your satisfaction or when shooting under the special light sources or con-
ditions, use white balance settings other than eAuto.
In P and A modes, white balance can be selected from the following options:
Option Description
e Auto
(default setting)
White balance automatically adjusted to suit lighting
conditions. Best choice in most situations.
f White bal. preset Gray object used as reference to set white balance
under unusual lighting conditions (c54).
g Direct sunlight White balance adjusted for direct sunlight.
h Incandescent Use under incandescent lighting.
i Fluorescent
FL1 Use under most types of fluorescent lighting. Press
multi selector right, and select FL1 (White (W)) or FL2
(Daylight White/Natural (N)) according to the bulb
types, and then press d.
j Cloudy Use when taking pictures under overcast skies.
k Shade Use under sunny skies when your subject is in the
l Speedlight Use with the flash.
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