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PORTRAIT (FACE AF) - Face-priority AF
The camera focuses continuously, until the camera recognizes a subject’s face.
When the camera does not recognize a face, the object at the center of the frame is fo-
Optical zoom is available in the PORTRAIT (FACE AF) mode, but digital zoom (c20) does
not work.
The face selected for focusing by the camera varies depending upon a number of condi-
tions including the direction in which each person is facing.
The camera is unable to recognize human faces in the following situations:
- The subject is wearing sunglasses or part of face is obstructed in some other way.
- The subject is facing sideways.
- A portion of the face is too big because the subject is too close to the camera.
- A portion of the face is too small because the subject is too far away from the camera.
Rotate the mode dial to b. K blinks in
the center of the monitor (default set-
K indicates the size of a subject’s face
that the camera can recognize.
If a different Scene menu is selected,
press m button and select A.
When the subject’s face becomes almost
the same size as K, the camera recog-
nizes it and is framed with L (yellow).
When the camera recognizes more
than one face, the closest and largest
is framed with L (yellow) and the oth-
ers with M (yellow). The camera can
recognize up to three faces.
If the frame (L or M) disappears
because the subject moves, the cam-
era goes back to the screen in step 1.
Press the shutter-release button halfway
to lock the focus on the face framed with
L (yellow). When focus is locked, the
color changes from yellow to green. Press
the shutter-release button the rest of the
way down to take the picture.
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