Do not handle the plug or battery
charger with wet hands. Failure to
observe this precaution could result
in electric shock.
Observe proper precautions
when handling batteries
Batteries may leak or explode if
improperly handled. Observe the fol-
lowing precautions when handling a
battery for use in this product:
Before replacing the battery, turn
the product off and make sure the
power-on lamp has gone out. If
you are using an AC adapter, be
sure it is unplugged.
Before replacing the battery, turn
the product off. If you are using an
AC adapter, be sure it is unplugged.
Use only rechargeable Nikon EN-
EL8 lithium-ion batteries (supplied).
When inserting the battery, do not
attempt to insert it upside down or
Do not short or disassemble batteries.
Do not expose batteries to flame or
to excessive heat.
Do not immerse in or expose to water.
Replace the terminal cover when
transporting the battery. Do not
transport or store with metal objects
such as necklaces or hairpins.
Batteries are prone to leakage
when fully discharged. To avoid
damage to the product, be sure to
remove the battery when no
charge remains.
Immediately after use, or when the
product is used on battery power
for an extended period, the battery
may become hot. Before removing
the battery, turn the camera off
and allow the battery to cool.
Discontinue use immediately
should you notice any change in
the battery, such as discoloration or
Use appropriate cables, batter-
ies, battery chargers, and AC
Use only the cables, batteries, battery
chargers, and AC adapters provided or
sold by Nikon for the purpose, to
maintain compliance with product
Removing memory cards
Memory cards may become hot dur-
ing use. Observe due caution when
removing memory cards from the
Handle moving parts with care
Be careful that your fingers or other
objects are not pinched by the lens or
other moving parts.
The CD-ROMs on which the software
and manuals are distributed should
not be played back on audio CD
equipment. Playing CD-ROMs on an
audio CD player could cause hearing
loss or damage the equipment.
Observe caution when operat-
ing the flash
Using the flash close to your subject’s
eyes could cause temporary visual
impairment. Particular care should be
observed if photographing infants,
when the flash should be no less than
one meter (39 in.) from the subject.
Do not fire the unit while the
flash head is touching a person
or object
Such use can result in the person being
burned, and/or their clothes igniting
from the heat of the flash’s firing.
Avoid contact with liquid crystal
Should the monitor break, care should
be taken to avoid injury due to broken
glass and to prevent liquid crystal from
the monitor touching the skin or
entering the eyes or mouth.
Keep dry
Do not immerse in or exposure to
water. Continuing to use the product
under such circumstances may cause
fire or an electric shock.
Follow the instructions of
hospital and airline personnel
This device emits radio frequency radi-
ation that could interfere with medical
or navigational equipment. Do not use
this device in a hospital or on board an
airplane without first obtaining the
permission of hospital or airline staff.
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