More on Photography
More on Photography
In addition to X (Auto shooting) mode explained in “Basic Photography”
(c18), the COOLPIX P1/P2 has other shooting modes which are P (Programmed
auto) mode, A (Aperture-priority auto) mode, and b (Scene) mode. Use the
mode dial to select the mode.
Some functions can be set when taking pictures with all the modes and some
functions can only be set in P and A modes.
*1 Before rotating the mode dial to a Shooting mode (X, P, A, b) and taking pictures, set the
Z Image mode, W sensitivity and d White balance.
*2 The functions that can be set depend on the scene mode in use (c34). See Scene mode for more
*3 Can be set from Shooting menu in P (Programmed auto) mode and A (Aperture-priority auto)
mode (c86).
*4 Pressing m in b (Scene) mode displays the Scene menu (c34).
When the Focus Area Selection Guide or Exposure Compensation
Setting Screen is Displayed
When the Focus area selection guide (c97) or the Exposure compensation setting screen
(c33, 45) is displayed, Flash mode (c27), Self-timer mode (c30) and Focus mode (c31)
cannot be set.
When the Focus area selection guide is displayed, Exposure compensation cannot be set.
Press d to hide Focus area selection guide or Exposure compensation setting screen and se-
lect mode.
How to
select Function XP A b c
C Flash
H Self timer 30
F Focus mode 31
I Exposure comp. 33
Z Image mode*1 (image
quality and image size) {
{*3 {*3
W Sensitivity*1
d White balance*1 52
Functions for Shooting
menu {{ *4 86
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