Basic Photography
Image File and Folder Names
In the memory or on the memory card, pictures are identified by file names with three parts:
a four letter identifier, a four-digit file number assigned automatically by the camera in as-
cending order, and a three-letter extension (e.g., “DSCN0001.JPG”). When a picture is
viewed in the monitor, the file number and extension appear in the top right corner of the
display. The identifier is not displayed, but is visible when images are transferred to a com-
Pictures are stored in a folder created automatically by the camera. The folder name in-
cludes a three-digit folder number (e.g., 100NIKON).
Folders can hold up to 200 pictures; if a picture is taken when the current folder contains
200 pictures, a new folder will be created by adding one to the largest folder number (e.g.,
When taking pictures using FPanorama assist (c43), xUltra HS (c89), or
zIntvl timer shooting (c91), each sequence of pictures is stored in a folder with a
name consisting of a three-digit folder number followed by “XXXP_xxx”, “XXXN_xxx”, or
“XXXINTVL” (e.g., “101P_001”, “101N_001” or “101INTVL”).
If you take a picture when the current folder contains a picture numbered 9999, a new
folder will be created and file numbering will begin again from 0001.
If file number reaches 200 or picture number reaches 9999 when the memory or the
memory card contains a folder numbered 999, no further pictures can be taken, even if
there is still memory capacity. Replace the memory card, or transfer all pictures to a com-
puter (c61) and then format the memory or the memory card (c127).
Picture type Identifier Extension c
Still picture DSCN .JPG 24
Movie DSCN .MOV 85
Time-lapse movie INTN .MOV 83
Copy created using Small pic. SSCN .JPG 79
Cropped copy RSCN .JPG 77
Copy created using D-Lighting FSCN .JPG 78
Audio file Voice memo DSCN, RSCN,
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