Basic Photography
Step 2–Frame the Picture
1Ready the camera
Hold the camera steadily in both hands. Photo-
graphs can be framed in the monitor.
Don’t Block the Shot
To avoid dark or partially obscured pictures, keep your
fingers and other objects away from the lens, flash
window, AF-assist illuminator, microphone, and
2Frame your subject
Your Nikon digital camera is equipped with two
types of built-in zoom: optical zoom, in which the
camera’s telescoping lens can be used to magnify
the subject up to 3.5×, and digital zoom, in which
digital processing is used to further magnify the
image up to 4×, for a total of 14×. Use the zoom
buttons to frame your subject in the center of the
Press the j (W) button to zoom out from your
subject, increasing the area visible in the frame.
Press the k (T) button to zoom in on your sub-
ject so that it fills a larger area of the frame.
To use digital zoom
When the camera is zoomed in to maximum mag-
nification, holding the k (T) button down for more
than two seconds will trigger digital zoom. The
zoom indicator will turn yellow. Use the k (T) and
j (W) buttons to adjust zoom in the digital zoom
range. To cancel digital zoom, press j (W) until
the zoom indicator turns white.
Zoom out Zoom in
Indicator in monitor shows
amount of zoom when ei-
ther button is pressed
Digital zoom
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