First Steps
The Write Protect Switch
Memory cards are equipped with a write protect switch to prevent accidental loss of data.
When this switch is in the “Lock” position, pictures cannot be recorded, deleted, or edited,
and the card cannot be formatted. Do not lock the card when taking, editing, or deleting
pictures, when transferring images to a computer, when using Wireless transfer mode, or
when formatting the memory card.
Formatting Memory Cards
When using the memory cards formatted by the device other than COOLPIX P1/P2, format
them using the COOLPIX P1/P2 before first use. For information on formatting memory
cards, see “M/O Format Memory/Card” (c127) in the Set-up menu.
Removing Memory Cards
Memory cards can be removed without loss of data when
the camera is off. To remove memory cards, turn the camera
off and confirm that the power-on lamp is off. Do not open
the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover while the
power-on lamp is lit. Open the battery-chamber/memory
card slot cover and press the memory card to partially eject
the card. The card can then be removed by hand.
Memory cards may become hot during use; observe due
caution when removing memory cards.
Memory Cards
Use only Secure Digital (SD) memory cards.
Do not disassemble or modify.
Do not drop, bend, or expose to water or strong physical shocks.
Do not touch the metal terminals with your fingers or metal objects.
Do not affix labels or stickers to the memory card.
Do not leave in direct sunlight in a closed vehicle or in other areas exposed to high tem-
Do not expose to high levels of humidity or to corrosive gas.
Write protect switch
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