First Steps
Inserting Memory Cards
Pictures can be stored in the camera’s internal memory (about 32 MB for P1/16 MB
for P2) or on a Secure Digital (SD) memory card. If no memory card has been inserted
in the camera, pictures will be stored in the camera’s internal memory, and if the cam-
era contains a memory card, then pictures will automatically be stored on the card.
To store pictures in the internal memory, remove the memory card.
1Confirm that the camera is off
The power-on lamp should be off.
2Open the battery-chamber/memory
card slot cover
Slide the cover in the direction shown in (1) until
it stops and open the cover (2).
3Insert the memory card
Insert the memory card in the direction of the
arrow shown on the label at the entrance to the
memory card slot until it clicks.
Inserting Memory Cards
Insert the memory card
terminals first. Inserting
the card upside down
or backwards could
damage the camera or
the card. Check to be
sure the card is in the
correct orientation.
4Close the battery-chamber/memory
card slot cover
Close the cover (1) and slide it until it latches (2).
Ensure the cover is closed firmly.
of insertion
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