Before You Begin
Navigating the Menus
Use the multi selector to perform operations such as selecting or canceling menu
items that appear in the monitor.
Press the d button after selecting an item to perform that operation.
Use the multi selector to perform operations such as moving the area in which a
picture is displayed or selecting a picture.
Displaying the Help
The COOLPIX P1/P2 displays explanations about modes and
menus of the camera in the monitor.
Pressing l (Help) button when displaying a menu displays
the help for the selected scene or item.
Pressing d while displaying the help performs the function.
Move cursor up.
Move cursor down.
Return to previous menu or
move cursor left.
Display sub-menu or move
cursor right.
Press d to make selection
or display sub-menu.
Use for portrait
pictures, create soft
skin tone effects.
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