Before You Begin
The Mode Dial
b Scene (c34)
Choose from 16 “scenes”
suited to different subjects
or shooting conditions and
let the camera do the rest.
S Movie (c80)
Choose from seven movie
a Setup (c115)
Display the Set-up menu,
where you can perform
such tasks as setting the
camera clock and adjusting
monitor brightness.
P A (c45)
Choose these modes for
varying degrees of control
over shutter speed and ap-
X Auto (c18)
A simple “point-and-
shoot” mode recommend-
ed for first time users of
digital cameras.
Y Wireless Transfer mode
Connect the camera to a
wireless LAN and transfer
pictures to a computer or
print images from a printer.
Image quality/Image size
W ISO sensitivity (c50)
d White balance (c52)
Display menus of each op-
To select a mode, align the mode icon with the “q
mark next to the mode dial.
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