Technical Notes
Turn the camera off when not in use and check that the power-on lamp is off be-
fore putting the camera away. To prevent mold or mildew, store the camera in a
dry, well-ventilated area. If you will not be using the product for long periods, re-
move the battery to prevent leakage and store the camera in a plastic bag con-
taining a desiccant. Do not store the camera case (available separately) in a plastic
bag, as this may cause the material to deteriorate. Note that desiccant gradually
loses its capacity to absorb moisture and should be replaced at regular intervals.
Do not store your camera with naphtha or camphor moth balls or in locations
are poorly ventilated or damp
are next to equipment that produces strong electromagnetic fields, such as tele-
visions or radios
are exposed to temperatures below 10°C (14°F) or above 50°C (122°F; for
example near a space heater or in a closed vehicle on a sunny day)
are subject to humidities of over 60%
To prevent mold or mildew, take the camera out of storage at least once a month.
Turn the camera on and release the shutter a few times before putting the camera
away again.
When the battery is not in use, replace the terminal cover and store the battery in
a cool, dry place. The battery should be recharged at least once a year; run the
battery flat before returning it to storage.
Check the battery level when taking the camera out and charge the battery if necessary
(c8). Do not continue charging once the battery is fully charged, as this will result in re-
duced battery performance. If possible, carry a spare EN-EL8 battery when taking pictures
on important occasions.
On cold days, the capacity of batteries tends to decrease. Be sure that the battery is fully
charged before heading outside to take pictures in cold weather. Keep spare batteries in
a warm place and exchange as necessary. Once warmed, a cold battery may recover some
of its charge.
Dirt on the battery terminals can prevent the camera from functioning.
Used batteries are a valuable resource. Please recycle used batteries in accordance with lo-
cal regulations.
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