Technical Notes
Caring for Your Camera
To ensure continued enjoyment of your Nikon product, observe the following pre-
cautions when storing or using the device:
Keep dry
The device will be damaged if immersed in
water or subjected to high levels of mois-
Handle the lens and all mov-
ing parts with care
Do not apply force to the lens, monitor, or to
the connector, card slot, or battery chamber
covers. These parts are especially susceptible
to damage.
Do not point the lens at
strong light sources for ex-
tended periods
Avoid pointing the lens at the sun or other
strong light sources for extended periods
when using or storing the camera.
Intense light may cause deterioration in the
CCD image sensor, producing a white blur
effect in photographs.
Turn the product off before
removing or disconnecting
the power source
Do not unplug the product or remove the
batteries while the product is on, or while
images are being recorded or deleted. Forc-
ibly cutting power in these circumstances
could result in loss of data or in damage to
product memory or internal circuitry. To pre-
vent an accidental interruption of power,
avoid carrying the product from one place to
another while the AC adapter (available sep-
arately) is connected.
Do not drop
The product may malfunction if subjected to
strong shocks or vibration.
Keep away from strong mag-
netic fields
Do not use or store this device in the vicinity
of equipment that generates strong electro-
magnetic radiation or magnetic fields.
Strong static charges or the magnetic fields
produced by equipment such as radio trans-
mitters could interfere with the monitor,
damage data stored on the memory card, or
affect the product’s internal circuitry.
Avoid sudden changes in tem-
Sudden changes in temperature, such as oc-
cur when entering or leaving a heated build-
ing on a cold day, can cause condensation
inside the device.
To prevent condensation, place the device in
a carrying case or a plastic bag before expos-
ing it to sudden changes in temperature.
AF-Assist Illuminator
The light-emitting diode (LED) used in the
AF-assist illuminator (c125) conforms to
the following IEC standard:
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