Wireless Transfer Mode
Setting a Profile
After the Setup Utility starts, follow the instructions in the window and enter the
appropriate data. The main steps are as follows. Press the Help button to dis-
play more information on the various operations.
Number of Profiles
You can create a maximum of nine profiles (computers, printers connected to a computer,
optional PD-10 wireless printer adapter in the camera. If nine profiles have already been cre-
ated and you want to add a new profile, delete an unneeded profile first (c139). When set-
ting the tenth profile, delete unneeded profiles using the Setup Utility.
Wireless Printing
When the computer and printer are turned off, wireless printing is not available.
Setting or changing the printer for wireless printing can be performed anytime from the
Wireless Printing tab in the Setup Utility. The camera and computer do not need to be
connected via USB cable for this.
To not perform wireless printing, you can use the Setup Utility to delete profile information
from the camera. Connect the camera and computer via USB cable for this (c139).
1Select a profile name and icon
Enter the profile name (up to 16 single-byte alphanu-
merics) that appears in the camera monitor and select
the icon.
When you are finished, click Next.
Follow the instructions on the screen and
enter the network settings
See the table on page 135-136 for required items.
If multiple printers are connected to a computer, select
the printer using wireless printing (
148). If no print-
ers are connected to the computer, click
selecting a printer.
3Complete the profile setting
A window appears informing that settings are com-
plete. Click Close.
Two profiles (one for the computer and one for
wireless printing) are set in the camera.
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