Wireless Transfer Mode
Before Using the Wireless Transfer Mode
To use Wireless transfer mode, use the Setup Utility to set, in the camera, the pro-
files of the computers and printers that will connect to the camera. This is neces-
sary so that the camera can recognize the profile devices.
The procedure is outlined below. For more information, refer to the page for each
Steps to make up the wireless connection
Camera Batteries
Profiles cannot be set if the camera turns off while setting. Check in advance that the bat-
teries are charged enough.
Setting Profiles
A profile must be set using the Setup Utility (steps 1 to 5 above) for each computer connect-
ing to the camera. Additionally, the Setup Utility controls image transfer from the camera.
Install the Setup Utility in all computers that will be set as profile devices.
1Check the wireless LAN settings of the computer (c135-
Keep a note of the necessary items (see chart on pages 135 and 136) when set-
ting up profile information using the Setup Utility to complete set-up more eas-
2Set the camera’s USB mode to PTP (c61)
You must set the USB option to PTP (default setting) in the Interface menu of
the camera’s Set-up menu.
3Connect the camera to the computer using the supplied
UC-E6 USB cable (c62)
Confirm that the mode dial is set to a.
4Start the Setup Utility on the computer (c137)
Start the Setup Utility if it is already installed on the computer. If the Setup Utility
is not installed, install using the CD-ROM provided with the camera. After the
Setup Utility is installed, the software starts.
5Follow the instructions in the Setup Utility windows.
To cancel setting up a profile, click the Cancel button in a window.
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