Wireless Transfer Mode
Using the Wireless Transfer Mode
The following conditions and preparations are required to use the Wireless trans-
fer mode (c134).
Requirements for Using the Wireless Transfer Mode
Wireless LAN Environment (IEEE802.11b/g Compatible)
Set up the following devices or environment.
When making a peer-to-peer connection between the camera and computer
(Ad-hoc mode):
Set up a computer with an internal or
external wireless LAN adapter.
When making a connection via an access point (Infrastructure mode):
Set up a wireless LAN environment
using a wireless LAN access point.
Check that the computer which will
receive the images is connected to
the wireless LAN network.
Operating Systems that Support Wireless Transfer Mode
Operations of the Wireless transfer mode are confirmed for the following operat-
ing systems:
Windows XP Professional/Home Edition (SP1 or later; SP2 is recommended)
Mac OS X (10.3 or later)
The latest information on supported operating systems is available on the Nikon
Web site listed in Life-Long Learning (c1).
Software for Setting up Profile Information in the Camera
Wireless Camera Setup Utility (hereafter referred to as the Setup Utility)
The Setup Utility sets the profiles and wireless LAN environment information in
the camera. If this is not set properly, the camera cannot connect to the wireless
LAN. The “Wireless Camera Setup Utility/PictureProject Installer CD“ (hereafter
referred to as the CD-ROM) supplied with the camera is required for installation.
Wireless LAN environment
For further information about wireless LAN environment, contact the manufacturer of the
wireless LAN adapter or the access point for the wireless LAN, or refer to the commercial
Wireless LAN
access point
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