Wireless Transfer Mode
Wireless Transfer Mode
Functions of the Wireless Transfer Mode
The COOLPIX P1/P2 has a wireless communication feature based on the
IEEE802.11b/g standards. Wirelessly connect the camera to a computer or printer
and save the images to the computer or print them using the functions below.
See pages 133 to 138 for more information on setting up Wireless transfer mode.
See page 140 and later for steps on transferring images.
Optional Wireless Printer Adapter
Using the optional PD-10 wireless printer adapter (c149), wirelessly
transfer images directly from the camera to a printer and print. The PD-
10 wireless printer adapter requires a series A USB connection so print-
ers with such a connection are supported (some printers are not sup-
Option Description c
Easy Transfer
Compare the images in the memory or memory card
with the images stored in a computer and transfer only
those images not already stored in the computer.
Shooting Date Transfer images by a specific recording date. 143
Marked Images Transfer only those images with the transfer mark
(E) (c112). 144
Selected Images Transfer only selected images. 145
Shoot & Transfer
Immediately send recorded images. You can check the
recorded images and send only the images necessary,
and you can also save them to the memory or memory
card at the same time.
PC Mode Transfer images using a computer. PictureProject
Transfer can be used for transferring images. 147
Wireless Printing Print images from a printer connected to a computer. 148
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