The Set-up Menu
The Set-up Menu
Using the Set-up Menu
The Set-up menu contains the following options:
Option Description c
Menus Choose a type of the camera menu. 116
Welcome screen Choose the welcome screen to be displayed when
the camera is turned on. 117
Date Set the camera clock. 118
Monitor settings Set display, brightness and hue of the monitor. 120
Date imprint Imprint pictures with the date and/or time of
recording. 122
Shot confirmation If On is selected for this option, the self-timer lamp
will light after shooting. 124
AF assist Choose whether the AF-assist illuminator lights
when the subject is poorly lit. 125
Sound settings Set button sound and adjust volume of shutter
and start-up sounds. 126
Auto off Choose how long the monitor will remain on
before turning off automatically to save power. 127
Format memory/card Format the memory or the memory card for use in
the camera. 127
Language Choose a language for camera menus and mes-
sages. 128
Interface Set USB mode or the video mode. 128
Auto transfer Choose whether or not to set Transfer marking
option to the picture taken. 129
Reset all Restore camera settings to their default settings. 130
Firmware version Display the current camera firmware version. 131
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