The Playback Menu
L Copy
Copy stored pictures from the internal memory to the
memory card, or vice versa. You can either choose pic-
tures to copy, or copy all pictures.
Image Copy
When Selected images is selected, the newly copied pictures are numbered consecutive-
ly from the largest number existing between the two memory sources.
Ex: When the last number in the source memory is 32 (DSCN0032.JPG) and the last num-
ber in the destination memory is 15 (DSCN0015.JPG), the copied pictures are assigned
numbers starting from DSCN0033.
When All images is selected, all folders in the memory or on the memory card are copied.
The folder name has a new folder number assigned automatically by the camera (one is
added to the maximum folder number in the destination memory). If a new folder is not
created, an error message will be displayed and the copying is not executed.
If the space in the destination memory is not enough for the copy, copying is canceled and
an error message is displayed.
The available file formats for copy are JPEG, MOV and WAV. You cannot copy an image
file in other than these file formats.
Copying of pictures taken with another make of camera or retouched on a computer is
not guaranteed by Nikon.
Print Set, Transfer Marking, and Protect
If pictures set with Print set (c66) or Transfer marking (c112) are copied, settings are
not copied. However, if pictures set with Protect (c112) are copied, protect setting is cop-
ied and copied picture is protected.
Press the m button in Playback mode to select
Copy, and then press d.
Option Description
MNO Copy stored pictures from the memory to the memory card.
ONM Copy stored pictures from the memory card to the memory.
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