The Playback Menu
A Delete
This option is used to delete selected pictures or all pic-
tures stored in the memory or on the memory card.
When the memory card is not inserted in the cam-
era, pictures stored in the memory are deleted.
When the memory card is inserted in the camera, pictures stored on the mem-
ory card are deleted.
Notes on Voice Memo
Voice memo can be deleted with Delete in the Playback menu. To delete only the voice
memo recorded to the picture, press A in Full-screen playback mode, Thumbnail playback
mode, or Playback zoom mode (c58).
Notes on Deletion
Once deleted, pictures cannot be recovered. If desired, transfer images to a computer
before deletion.
Pictures marked with a D icon are protected and cannot be deleted (c112).
Press the m button in Playback mode to select De-
lete, and then press d.
Option Description
Erase selected images
Delete recorded pictures in the Picture selection screen
Choose date
Delete selected pictures from same date of recording in
CHOOSE DATE screen (c106).
Erase all images
Delete all pictures stored in the memory or on the mem-
ory card.
In the delete confirmation dialog, highlight Yes and
press d to delete all pictures.
Erase selected images
Choose date
Erase all images
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