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C Auto Bracketing
In some situations, you may find it difficult to select
appropriate Exposure compensation and White bal-
ance settings, and yet not have time to check the re-
sults and adjust settings after each shot. Auto
bracketing can be used to vary these settings auto-
matically over a series of pictures, “bracketing” a selected exposure compensa-
tion or white balance setting.
When Auto Bracketing is set
The Flash mode is set to B.
Restrictions on Auto Bracketing and WB Bracketing
Cannot be used with Continuous settings other than rSingle (c89), or BSS (c92). The
latest setting is used and the earlier setting is canceled.
Noise reduction (c101) has no effect even if this option is set to On.
While White balance (c52) is set to White bal. preset, xWB bracketing cannot be
used for shooting.
If the space in the memory or on the memory card is capable of storing only a few images,
only that number of images will be stored.
Exposure Compensation
When Exposure compensation (c33) and CAuto bracketing are set simultaneously, ex-
posure will be compensated at the sum of both compensation values.
Rotate the mode dial to P or A and press the m but-
ton to select Auto bracketing, and then press d.
Option Description
(default setting)
Restores normal exposure and white balance.
Auto bracketing
Each time the shutter-release button is fully pressed, the camera
takes three shots, one shot with the current exposure, and two
shots varying the exposure by values of +0.5 and -0.5 compen-
WB bracketing
The camera records three shots each time shutter-release but-
ton is fully pressed, bracketing current white balance setting to
produce one picture with normal white balance, one picture
with bluish cast, and one picture with reddish cast. Recording
time roughly triples.
Auto bracketing
WB bracketing
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