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Other Camera Settings
• Settings other than rSingle cannot be used in combination with BSS (c92),
CAuto bracketing (c93) or xWB bracketing. The latest setting is used and the
earlier setting is canceled.
Noise reduction (c101) has no effect even if this option is set to On.
•With sContinuous H, uContinuous L, wMulti-shot 16, xUltra HS, and
y5 shot buffer, settings for focus, exposure, and white balance are determined by the
first picture in each series. Flash is automatically set to Flash Cancel B.
Digital zoom (c21) cannot be used at settings of wMulti-shot 16 or xUltra HS.
When using the self-timer, rSingle is automatically set. The settings will return to the
original after an image has been taken using the self-timer.
Ultra HS
During shooting, progress is shown by the zoom indicator in the
monitor, from S (start) to E (end). To interrupt shooting before one
hundred pictures have been recorded, lift your finger from the
shutter-release button.
During shooting, pressing the A button while the y icon appears
displays the delete confirmation dialog. From this screen, you can
delete all the pictures in the same folder as the picture you are de-
5 shot buffer
While shutter-release button is pressed and held, pictures can
be recorded at rate of up to about 1 frame (for P1)/1.2 frames
(for P2) per second. When the shutter button is released, con-
tinuous shooting will stop. Only the last five images taken dur-
ing each continuous shooting burst will be recorded to the
memory or memory card.
Intvl timer shooting
Camera takes pictures automatically at a specified interval. See
“Interval Timer Shooting” (c91).
Option Description
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