Dell Wyse thin client devices running Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise provide access to applications,
files and network resources. It is made available on machines hosting Citrix Receiver, Microsoft Remote
Desktop Connection, VMware Horizon client session and Dell Wyse vWorkspace services. Other locally
installed software permits remote administration of the thin clients and provides local maintenance
functions. More add-ons are available that support a wide range of specialty peripherals and features for
environments needing a secure Windows user interface with 64 bit Windows compatibility. Your thin
client device supports Microsoft Silverlight and dot NET Framework 4.6 or later versions. For more
information, see www.microsoft.com.
Session and networks services available and accessed on enterprise networks, a direct intranet
connection or from a remote location using a secure gateway from Citrix, Microsoft, VMware or Dell
Wyse vWorkspace.
Dell Wyse Technical Support
To access Dell Wyse technical resources, visit www.dell.com/support/contents/us/en/19/article/Product-
Support/Dell-Subsidiaries/wyse. For more information, you can submit your questions by using the Dell
Wyse Self-Service Center at Dell TechDirect or call Customer Support at 877-459-7304, Extension:
5137801. Hours of operation are from 6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. For
online case submission and self service dispatch, contact our support phone queue.
Related Documentation and Services
Fact Sheets containing features of hardware products are available on the Dell Wyse website. Go to
http://www.dell.com/wyse and select your hardware product to locate and download the Fact Sheet.
To get support for your Wyse product, check your product Service Tag or serial number.
For Dell service tagged products, find knowledge base articles and drivers on the Dell Wyse product
For Non-Dell Service Tagged Products, find all the support needed by accessing the Wyse support
Dell Wyse Online Community
Dell Wyse maintains an online community where users of our products can seek and exchange
information about user forums. Visit the Dell Wyse Online Community forums at:
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